Jab blog’reans met

To get rid of weekend’s monotony, I decided to go to IndiBlogger’s meet. Thought, if nothing else, it might just inspire me to blog again! Besides that, IndiBloggers’ arrangements of pick up and drop bus facility, lunch, snacks etc were enticing enough to pull the blog’reans to the meet ;). And believe me, it was all worth it.

Before I dig into the intricacies of the event, let me explain a little about IndiBlogger and Akshaya Patra who conducted this grand meeting in the holy premises of ISKON. IndiBlogger is an online community which  facilitates networking among Indian bloggers. Akshaya Patra is an NGO which provides mid-day meal to approximately 1.2 million school children of various states in India.

What could be a better and quickest way to speard the word in this digerati era than social media tools like blogging, tweeting, et al! With this in mind, Akshaya Patra organised this indiblogger meet in  association with indiblogger team.

This meet was first of its kind for me. Bloggers from all walks of life made it to the event; students pursuing higher secondary education, under graduates, post graduates (one of them in Criminology!), home makers, retired gentlemen are a few to name. They did indeed sacrificed their weekend for the noble cause!

There was an introductory and thought provoking speech which stated out the history of this foundation.

Looking out of a window one day in Mayapur, a village near Calcutta, his Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada saw a group of children fighting with street dogs over scraps of food. From this simple, yet heart breaking incident, came the determination that:  No one within a ten mile radius of our center should go hungry. (Reference: Akshaya Patra)

And it is this inspiration which led to the foundation of Akshaya Parta; an idea, which is improving so many tiny lives!

Bloggers were given ample oppourtunity to mingle with others. We exchanged our beliefs, Blog URLs and views on various ways by which bloggers could help such organizations in getting their message across all classes of society. What a wonderful and effective platform! Like-minded people who share similar beliefs can definitely work towards a social change and make it a better world!

Three cheers to all Blog’reans! Let us make a difference!


I have been away for a long now….Reasons are many. Sometimes, just did not feel like putting anything on these webpages, sometimes lack of zeal, sometimes dearth of topics……enough of excuses,will update about latest happenings in my life very soon.

I was looking forward to watch Gul Panag’s latest release ‘Turning 30!!!’ merely because of Gul Panag. But could not find even glimpses of Dor’s Zeenat. She looked prettier, hotter, and beautiful. However the script and storyline do not go hand in hand with her fine performance.

The plot revolves around Naina who is turning 30 in just two weeks. All of a sudden, her life goes haywire; she is fired, her boyfriend ditches her..she is jobless and manless! And there is she, grappling with failed relationship, glass ceiling in her professional life, and with ticking biological clock. She is an urban, independent, ambitious girl who wants to settle down (just like any other girl of her age!). But the way she takes these predicaments into her stride is way too different from that of any ordinary girl..She always has red wine bottle ready at her side, she smokes…and sex! oh! that’s not a big deal at all!

And finally Naina is back in the groove by writing a book on her 31st birthday, a book she scribbled to soothe herself from the perils of turning 30!

Other characters looks little unrealistic too. Lesbian track is completely out of the stream; unnecessarily being dragged! Purab Kolhi does well…however, being it a woman oriented movie, he does not get much scope.

Debutante director Alankrita Srivastava could not do justice to such a delicate subject. People do feel and react to mix feelings of aging. Not only physical changes but many a times introspection, self assessment take place at such stages of life. Gul portrayes that anxiety, depression, stress, and anger very well on the screen. But that alone could not make it a worth cinema going flick. Hope, something better comes from Prakash Jha banner next time!

I too fall in love with this couple last year when my father came to visit me. I took him for complete medical checkup. I was mentally prepared to get bored in the hospital. But there was a big flat screen playing cartoons with mute on. My father and I chatted for a while and later glued our eyes on the screen. There was a cartoon program being aired which was self explanatory even without a single dialouge.

It’s not that I hadn’t watched any cartoon earlier, it’s just that the timing and place was perfect to kill the time. My father was going for checkups intermittently. But I got a wondeful company to pass my time with. I glanced around the waiting room and saw everybody following the little cartoons. Argy-bargy of this made-for-each-other couple was entertaining everyone and spreading smile on the faces. ‘Nothing could have been better than this!’ I realized.

This year amazing and loveable couple Tom & Jerry are celebrating their 70th anniversary! Can’t believe that they are so old and still ruling millions of hearts! Their charming features definitely belie their ages :P. Tiny characters who started their relationship as Jasper & Jinx in 1940 have come a long way to become Tom & Jerry. Thanks to William Hanna and Joseph Barbera who introduced us to an amicable rivalry between a cat and a mouse!! 🙂

Wish you many more years…..no!………centuries of adventure and fun!! 🙂

I happened to watch the much awaited and much hyped Mani Ratnam’s movie ‘Raavan’ last weekend. I was completely aghast and disappointed. How could a maverick director like Mani Ratnam make such a sadly pale? It did not live up to any expectation inspite of stars like Aishwarya, Abhishek, Govinda and Vikram (heard that he is a star in south).


1. Movie begins with a powerful scene in which Aish (read Ragini) is abducted by Abhishek (Raavan, the central charater of the movie).

2. Wonderful cinematography! Movie has several visually appealing scenes. Abhishek (or may be his double!) diving into the river, aish trying hard to come out of the pit, fighting Vikram and Abhishek on a hanging bridge over the river are few of them.

3.  A.R. Rahman’s music and Gulzaar’s lyrics are admirable. Both of them have done a commendable job.


1. Poor screenplay. I could not understand till the end of the movie what is that Mani wanted to convey through his film. Was it his view on the holy epic Ramayana?

2. Hopeless performance by seasoned actors like Govinda! It hurts when you seem him jumping on the trees like a monkey (Pardon me but he had no resemblance to our all time favourite Hanuman). Performance of Abhi, Aish and Vikram could have been better. (Wasn’t Abhishek much more better in ‘Yuva’?)

3. Slow and tiring pace of the movie. A few of my acquaintances even fell asleep in the cinema hall!

4. Motive of Abhishek behind kidnapping was not at all clear. The entire movie sounds like some melancholic drama.

Instead of watching such a mess, I would definitely prefer to watch Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Raavan’. 🙂

P.S.: Watch it if you are a die-hard fan of Mani, but at your own risk. 😛

Changing Trend

I noticed that most of the recently released and going-to-be released movie titles are in English; I hate luv storys, Striker, Housefull, Kites, All The Best, Karthik Calling Karthik, Do Knot Disturb, Wake up Sid, Blue,  My Name is Khan, Rocket Singh-The salesman of the year, Road Movie, 3 Idiots, Jail, Race, Welcome to Sajjanpur, Kidnap, Life in a Metro are a few to name.  I agree to the fact that keeping English title gives a movie an international recognition and reach to a wider spectrum.

But are we not missing those classical Hindi names? Has there been a dearth of Hindi names in our film industry lately or is it just the indication of Cinema world becoming smaller and smaller or do filmmakers keep such names to make the film look more contemporary or  just to target the urban crowd? (I’m not saying that the rural crowd is left behind in any manner but somehow I feel they relate to Hindi names more!)

Aishwarya just looked awesome and gorgeous at the Cannes film festival 2010. Can’t say more, I’m speechless!! 🙂 😛

Everyone around you but you seems to be happy. You don’t even know why you feel dull and gloomy when the weather is as pleasant as it could be. You try hard to turn that plastic smile into genuine one but can’t just wear the weight of it. You are lost into void, in the emptiness inside you. The world seems to charm you no more. You just want to run away and hide yourself somewhere. You completely agree to the fact that you don’t have any reason to feel so! Nothing seems to give you solace, not even your favourites activities. They also sound blatantly mundane rituals which are just being performed for the heck of it.

Is this one of the feelings that only grown-ups feel at times?